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Photo Table - Paul Solt

Photo Table Free

 Music can be added to each album in the slideshow play mode. The slideshow can be interrupted and automatically resumes when idle. Albums are bigger than the screen. There are both on-screen and off-screen images in every album. To see more images from an album, just drag and flick images off the table and new images will cycle onto the table.


  • Multi-touch photo interaction - move anything anywhere (tap, flick, drag, zoom, rotate)
  • Multiple Albums - create albums for everything (3 max)
  • Interactive slideshow - just press play and watch or interact
  • Music playlists - add one song to an album slideshow
  • Collage designer - layout photos and share on Facebook or email
  • Download Web Albums - save entire albums from Facebook (Flickr in paid app)
  • Offscreen photos - flick images offscreen to cycle through photo albums


"Create photo collages and slide shows, or simply interact with and enjoy your photos in a totally new way… Add your music if you like. Create a perfect layout and save it as a collage. Unlike most photo collage apps, there is no limit on the number of photos you can add." -

"If you want to step back in time and enjoy a virtual way to review and share your photos the old fashioned way, but with a modern twist, give Photo Table a try!" - Todd Bernhard from iPhone Life Magazine


Play with your photos on a virtual table in Photo Table Free. Tap, zoom, flick, rotate, and drag images around the table and share your experiences with family and friends. Photo Table is a multi-touch interactive slideshow.

Photo Table on iPhone and iPad

Photo Table on iPhone and iPad

Import Albums from Facebook

Add Music to Slideshows