Artwork Evolution - Genetic Art App

Artwork Evolution - Paul Solt

Create unique artwork that matches your style without any fine art skills in Artwork Evolution. The living artwork adapts to your visual tastes through evolution. Every image contains DNA that can be combined with any other image to mutate into an infinite collection of original artwork.

Play with your artwork on a virtual coffee table. Drag and drop images into an evolve box and watch new images slide onto the table. Flick images off the table that don't fit your style and save the best to your saved album. Any image can be saved as a wallpaper for your iOS device.


  • Create artwork without fine art skills
  • Design your own wallpapers
  • Share your artwork via email
  • Tap, flick, rotate, and zoom images on the coffee table
  • Drag and drop images to evolve


”Artwork Evolution is an app you’re going to get a real kick out of if you enjoy creating abstract art but don’t have any actual artistic skills. Whether you want to create art for art’s sake, or for iDevice wallpapers, you’ll be able to make something beautiful with this app. This app is really quite unique.” -

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Coffee Table Evolve Box